Best Put Locker Alternatives for Online Movies

Put locker is an online video streaming website. This website is very popular as it grants access to the latest released movies and tv shows to its users. This website is also very popular among foreign media fans, it is an all in one package for them. If you are also a foreign media fan this website is for you, you can watch famous movies and series of different countries here, for example, India, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. 

They also have an ample collection of Chinese latest released movies and the most exciting thing about this website is that it is free of cost. Yes, that’s right free! You don’t have to pay a single penny for watching the latest released movies and tv shows of your favorite country and on top of that, you don’t have to sacrifice on the quality they provide high-quality content.

The negative about this website is that it is a pirated website due to which in 2016 this website was blocked in the UK. Due to its popularity, Motion picture association of America reported this website as a piracy threat. Since then, put locker has faced closedown and changed into different domain addresses for example 

  •, etc.

So, if you are unable to find putlocker sub-domains or are worried about where will you watch your favorite shows in case of its closure? You can check out the following mentioned websites they are the best alternatives to putlocker.

1: Los movies:

This website can be a perfect alternative for put locker, as it also has a great collection of movies and tv shows from multiple genres arranged in a catalog for the ease of users. You can search for your favorite movie or tv show from this catalog easily. This site contains a lot of popups, but you can use a popup blocker to avoid annoying ads during your movie watching.

2: Popcorn flix:

This is also a free online video streaming website. They have an enormous collection of latest released movies and tv shows in high quality from all genres. They also provide movie download option to its users and the great thing about this website is video download and upload speed, all you have to do is click on play or download button and you can enjoy your movie without any delay. They have a user-friendly interface and arranged their movies in a catalog for user’s convenience.

3: Watch Series Online:

If you are a drama lover and can’t wait to watch the next episode of your favorite series, this website could be your best choice as they provide the latest episodes of all the latest released dramas in high quality and the good thing is that they also provide alternative links of every video in case you might face a broken link. The best